Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chapter One

The Raisin Dilemma

"Ya, raisins."
"What’s that got to do with anything?"
"I want you to eat raisins off my nipples"
"Why raisins?"
"So you learn the proper pressure and control when dealing with a woman’s boob now do it.”
"where’d you learn a horrible thing like that? I hate the taste of raisins."
"The internet, they say it makes good practice."
He sighed and cocked an eyebrow at her, "you can’t be serious?”
She winked at him a dirty little twinkle in her eye, “course not. Just wondering how gullible you were." She punched him in the shoulder and slid off the hood of his car. He watched the sway of her hips and groaned in frustration. Betty Lou was the worst tease he'd ever met.
Betty's Ride

Luc stretched as he got out of the pickup in Betty Lou’s drive. He reached back in, snagged a soft quilt off the seat and looked around as he made his way to the barn. He’d been shocked when she called, and all but purred that she wanted to meet him. She had a surprise for him.

His boots squished in the mud, and his dick throbbed like it always did when he visited the little minx. She never put out, but she sure knew how to drive his balls blue. He heard soft grunts as he opened the heavy barn door, following the sounds he slung the blanket over his shoulder and began to climb the ladder to the hay loft.

He peeked over the edge and saw Marc Brounde, Betty Lou’s father’s hired hand. Holding Betty Lou by her hips, stroking in and out, his pants low slung around his ankles. Her nice round tits swung back and forth in rhythm, grazing the top of the hay bale she was bent over.

What the fuck? Images of plowing his fist into Marc’s jaw superimposed over the one of him pounding into Betty Lou.

His cock, already throbbing, hit a new peak and slipped over into pain. Fuck her. She was nothing but a slut. He reached down and hooked his arm around the strut, holding on while he unzipped his fly. His throbbing cock burst free in painful relief. He spit on his hand and stroked up and down the shaft. Matching Marc’s rhythm unconsciously, the pressure released in a fount of cream. He moaned. His arm slipped. He looked up into Betty Lou’s eyes, she grinned as he lost his grip on the ladder and fell out of the loft. 

Betty Lou’s Temptation
Luc groaned and opened his eyes to Betty Lou’s tits swaying back and forth in his face. He groaned a second time for a completely different reason as he felt the warm wetness of a mouth on his cock, working up and down.
Betty looked into his eyes smiling, “you like that do you?”     
He could only nod, as he gritted his teeth against the pleasure of one of the best BJ’s he’d ever had.  He wondered which one of Betty’s friends was doing it, maybe Sara? Then he stiffened and blocked out the pleasure as he remembered where he was and who he’d just seen with Betty.
“Good, Marc felt bad for startling you into falling off the ladder, and you naughty boy, what do we find when we get down here but a stiff cock dripping with cum? You know that just seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.” Betty giggled.
“What the fuck, Betty?” He rolled a little away from that amazing mouth on his cock, which just followed him over. He sighed. “That’s not really Marc down there is it?”
She grinned, “Why yes, I do believe it is. You like it don’t you? You’re not going to be a prude now are you?”
He felt a sting of anger spread across his chest. She wasn’t the girl he’d always thought she was. He groaned again as a throat closed down around his head. He gave in. What could it hurt? It was just a BJ.
“Bitch,” he snarled and grabbed one of her tits in his mouth clamping his teeth against her nipple and tugging.
She squealed and leaned back, “Oh yes, Luc! I knew you would see it my way.”

Shooting Off

He didn’t expect her to be so tight, so willing.  Marc moved around to her front and pulled her the rest of the way through the rung. He put his hand on her head and Luc watched, fascinated as she engulfed Marc’s entire shaft. The pressure in his cock grew. He thrust harder. She moaned, pushing back against him. She had so many fluids on and in her that she didn’t need lube. His dick throbbed, the pressure building. His cock jerked as he shot off inside her hole.
Pulling out of her, he slid the ring off his cock.  Tugging on his pants he zipped them up as he watched Marc ramming her throat. She just took it.  Luc looked around for the whip, but he didn’t see it.
He walked up behind her and slapped her lightly on the ass. She moaned around Marc’s cock. He rubbed her on the ass, then slapped her again. She bucked. Marc moaned, gripping the edge of the ladder. He pulled out, shooting cum across her face. Marc leaned on his forearms, breathing heavy, and Luc slipped his fingers into Betty’s cunt, rubbing back and forth. He put another finger in then another until he had four fingers buried deep inside her. She bucked violently on his hand, her hips banging into the ladder rung.  She gave a squeal and shuddered against the ladder. He wiped his hand off on his jeans, grabbed his blanket and walked out the door.
He had a lot to think about. His dick twitched at the thought of Marc’s mouth on his cock.